Arts and Crafts ✏

Previously on EJBones, I said that I did not have the time to get bored.

I was deluded.

The days still go fast and I find myself filling up the hours. Collectively, my time is the pits. I am bored of killing time and I am becoming boring as a result. My life is now My Myeloma and there is no escaping that. I want to be able to regale tales and entertain those I love with my Entertaining Life Story. This is a dream for I even bore myself. At the moment, my life story is flat, hospital and Mamma Jones’, flat, hospital and Mamma Jones’, oh and cancer. I am sobored of this, but for the time being, the drugs are in charge.

Rather than wallow (too much) in my current tedium, I am making my own fun. Organised, one on one, happy time. Little parties of self pleasure.

A few Saturdays ago, as I lay in bed pondering the meaning of life, I had an epiphany; arts and crafts. Arts and crafts will see me through these dark days. There is also the added bonus of being good training for my later years when I expect to be an alive, proud member of the WI and a farmer’s wife.

Nearly three months ago I was given some wool and knitting needles. I am contemplating the power of handmade pompoms. Before that time comes, we have Christmas. I have given myself a timetabled Christmas project. Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and Christmas presents. I calculated that all this will entertain me for at least three weeks maybe four if I am not greedy. At the end of this, my flat is going to look like Christmas vomited in it.

A note of caution, do not commit yourself to this Martha Stewart lifestyle lightly. It does not come cheap. I am saying this for you, but also for my loved ones. Making people presents takes money andeffort. I’m just saying.

In the last two days, I have made 22 Christmas cards and I currently have ink on my face. Tomorrow, I am all about making chutney and smelling of vinegar. I am a machine.

Oh, and I am fairly certain that my new found love of stickers and stamps is not going to make me anymore interesting. Shame that. My apologies.

To be continued…