April showers, more like an Arctic monsoon!

Firstly an update on Mike. He is feeling much better than he did on Saturday. He is still coughing, but it’s not as painful as it was. Of course he seems to cough more at night, waking yours truly, although it may simply be that I have no choice but to listen to him then. ;-)

As some of you will know, the weather has taken a turn for the worse here. Ironically the second they announced that the area is officially in a drought, the heavens opened and we had first the typical April showers (that bring the flowers that bloom in May) followed by constant rain with the odd hailstone episode and strong winds. I’m not a happy bunny, it’s wrecking my garden!

As you can see Toni’s bunny isn’t very happy either.

 I did have some good news on Saturday though, my ironing board collapsed and is now unusable (hooray!) Even better is the fact Mike has been too ill to take me to buy a new one (double hooray!) Unfortunately he decided to go online and order one yesterday (boooooo!!) Fingers crossed it takes a couple of weeks to arrive, by then Mike will have fished his shirts out of the pile and worn them any way.

Now don’t laugh at him Toni.