April in Review

It was only when I came to write this that I realised why I am feeling the way I am – what a crazy month!

Ad Hoc Clue 2- intriguing! ;)


I finished my Ad Hoc Test Knit – are you knitting along?  I have seen some lovely versions over in the Geoknittrix Ravelry group.

And I finished my hotchpotch vanilla socks, to use up the Regia yarn left from my first vanilla socks.
I am currently working on another pair, to use up the Arne and Carlos Yarn, with plain strawberry red cuffs and possibly feet.

I got excited about Barn Raising Squares.

I cast on a 1980’s pattern sweater – and finished the back already.

And this week I cast on for the Winter is Coming shawl using deep stash yarn.
The pattern is a winner, because each section is a bite-sized chunk, so I just want to keep knitting.

However, I am less sure about my yarn selection.
It is Fyberspates Echo Sock in Mixed Brights. 100% BFL.
That red looks like… um… gore.  I am not sure I want to look as if I have been stabbed in the back when I wear it!
But I am not stopping now.


I made a pair of culottes and a long sleeved tee – boom!

I am still trying to work out what to wear on my feet with these culottes.  My two tone brogues ought to work but they look a bit too delicate.  My chelsea boot DMs are perfect but what about the bit of leg between the boot and the hem?  Socks?  Tights?  It can’t be the plain duck egg blue legs for work…

This week I tried to make some knickers, but it was a disaster.
The sewing machine chewed the fabric and the thread snapped and then the elastic got caught and frayed and…. yeah.
Into the bin.


Where do I start?!

Fabric for a tee shirt… but it might be for The Girl and not me.

Several balls of Regia sock yarn (but I sold some on Ravelry to compensate).

A pair of trainers, because I am going to get fit.

A smartphone so that I could have the Zombies Run app… except I seem to have bought the only phone in the UK that doesn’t let me buy that app.  If I lived in the States I could have it.  Go figure.  I will have to find a substitute (for the get-fit game – it is too late for the phone).

…and a white cotton ready-to-wear shirt.
OMG I bought an item of clothing!
It is an allegedly ethical purchase.
ShopEthical gives Monki a score of 53 out of 100.  That might not sound impressive, until you see that eg Ralph Lauren scores 6 out of 100.


I have the audiobook of David Nicholls’ Us in the car.
I am not going to get it finished by Saturday when it is due back (someone else has reserved it).
I don’t love the narration, and I would have skimmed through some sections if I was reading it myself, but if I saw the book on the library shelf I would probably get it and finish it in an afternoon. It is very British, self-deprecating humour and will make a great film.
If you have ever been married to a biochemist you will roll around the floor laughing.
Just saying.

In actual paper-based reading, I am more than halfway through The World Before Us by Aislinn Hunter.
It is a quiet read.
Maybe there is a twist in the tale?


Lots and lots of decluttering!
I stripped out the kitchen cupboards and I tackled my wardrobe (again).
I had a trip to the tip and a trip to the charity shop, and another is planned.
I got the drains cleared – woo hoo!

Myeloma Update

FL’s Freelite score continues to hold steady on Pomalidomide.

During April’s visit to the hospital, I overheard a man in the waiting room saying that he has had Myeloma for 13 years and he claimed to be Scotland’s longest-living survivor of this cancer.  He too is on Pom, but it is not going so well.
I thought about introducing him to FL (who couldn’t hear the conversation) but I decided against it. Everyone’s experience of this disease is so different.


The longer FL goes on being well, the less likely it is that I will apply for “Voluntary Severance”.
I only have until July to apply and it is not certain that I would be successful, as I know I am not on the “dark alley conversations” list.
My employer needs 150 well-paid volunteers to balance the books. Inevitably, it is the lower paid, who can more easily find another job, who are making enquiries.  Just like last time.  Sigh.

Hence my prevarication about making new work clothes – I might not need them!

But look what’s on the horizon:  Me Made May!
Me Made May with a much-reduced inventory – eek!

More of that tomorrow….