Approved for Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) For Relapse – March 4 2013

My medical insurance company approved pomalidomide (Pomalyst) with no copay for me today. FedEx will deliver the medication tomorrow and I’ll get started on it 5 March 2013 for my recent relapse on top of my old relapse – haven’t had less than 40% plasma cells in my bone marrow since 50 days after my 2nd autologous stem cell transplant which was done on 18 May 2012. Currently my bone marrow biopsy plasma cell count is at 60%. 

Let’s hope pomalidomide (Pomalyst) works for me and I can tolerate it. I was unable to take Thalidomide when I was first diagnosed due to severe neurological side effects (unable to think or ambulate). I did fine on nearest relative, Revlimid. Initially, during induction prior to my 1st autologous stem cell transplant on 9 July 2011, I had a Revlimid itchy rash on my scalp and belly, but that quickly dissipated. Revlimid also causes diarrhea. Crossing my fingers for pomalidomide…. 

The MRI of my left hip and pelvis done on 28 Feb 2013 was negative, so I have no idea why it hurts.

Have enjoyed my almost 3 week chemo-free holiday since 14 Feb 2013. My gastritis is much improved. However, it is unnerving knowing my bone marrow is probably producing plasma cells as I type. I have taken dex during this time, but no chemo. And I continue on my Fragmin 15,000 units nightly injections.

Energy is up and I’ve been walking Kemmer almost daily. I was able to do my volunteer work with the Mackay Food Bank and I enjoyed that – even if I had to wear a mask!