Anxiety over lab results…

Today was my first lab visit for the New Year. I was excited late
last year when my clinic at Mount Sinai moved to another building more fitting for the
patients and staff of mm, I was ecstatic. However, the rigmarole passing security is so taxing.

My process every lab and doctor visit is trying and quite frankly stressful. First passing security which I mentioned then going to the floor I need to go to, and from that point
another check point explaining why I’m there, then sitting with a rep for insurance purpose, then wait to be called to drain my blood. I’m sorry that is just too much….
You literally have to speak face to face with about 4-5 people before your time is over.

I woke up at 3:00am to get on an early morning bus from Pa, just to make in time for
my 7:30am lab, only to be told that the reps were pulled away for an emergency
meeting- like really! Then when I sit to get blood drawn there’s an expired data process where the doctor’s team has to re-assess, but they were in a staff meeting. I smiled all the way but was so amazed at how the morning was actually playing out. The tech did take basic draws all five tubes or was it six tubes. I was in a yoga state to keep happy and calm thoughts because this would in some way affect the results by having me stressed. I still had to trek it to work right after.

And so my anxiety continues….