Anticancer Nanomedicines

Yeesh. I should update this thing more often. On the myeloma side of life, I have a skeletal survey on January 19th and a results appointment on the 25th, after which I will share the news. Thankfully for all cancer patients, the pace of progress in treatment options is staggering. Case in point – anticancer nanomedicines, a way of delivering chemotherapy more effectively, precisely and in higher dosage without affecting surrounding tissue. I’m unsure how this particular therapy could help myeloma patients, since our cancer tends to be spread and not localized, but still – one advance leads to another, which is always promising. 

In dealing with this disease, Myeloma Canada has been an excellent resource and source of support. They’ve recently added a feature called Myeloma Connection, where patients submit their videos about dealing with the disease. Click here to visit the website and view the videos. The also feature a webcast on Understanding and Managing Side Effects.

This post’s pop culture moment features John Lydon‘s appearance on Judge Judy in 1997. Sure, it’s dated but still great fun to watch. Don’t know the guy (I know my readers vary greatly)? He was once known as Johnny Rotten, singer of the Sex Pistols, singer of PiL and later a host of various tv efforts. Love him or hate him, he’s a true individual.