Another update

My most recent immunoglobulin treatment went well, but my results weren’t so good.

I have now got hyperviscosity (thick blood) which explains the tiredeness I have been feeling.

My Igg is 42 and my paraprotein is 31, my Haematologist said that chemotherapy usually starts when the paraprotein level reaches 30, but she is still keeping me on a watch and wait because all my other results, like x-rays and kidneys etc. are all ok.

I learnt something at my appointment, that is never ever ask a question unless you are fully prepared for the answer. i asked if and when my smouldering myeloma would turn to full blown multiple myeloma, and my Haematologist said that by the trend of my results, I will definately need chemotherapy within 5 years, scary and not the best news inthe world.

I am being re-staged in March 2009, all my bloods, urine, bone marrow, x-rays and an MRI scan will be put together to stage me, hopefully I will still be smoldering and not any worse. I am keeping busy and upbeat and my haematologist told me to keep occupied, go on holidays and excercise to avoid stress, I took that to mean, do everything while you are well enough to do it. I enjoy my life and I have far too much to do to mope around feeling sorry for myself, my new house isn’t going to decorate itself, and I wont pass my degree sitting worrying, so life well and truly goes on for me. :-)