Another hospital appointment..

..but this time, I am excited to show my consultant just how well I am.

I am also feeling very confident that there will be no surprises. The cancer rats are deeply buried within my bones and I expect, feeling pretty sorry for themselves. There is no breeding what so ever, going on down there! The magic beetle juice has caused havoc with their libido, impotency and infertility is rife. I did warn them though! Didn’t I say, right at the beginning of this blog, that they had picked the wrong body to invade. Now, if they had just turned their backs and ran it would have saved everybody a lot of trouble, never mind time and money. Still now they are here I am very grateful for all the help I receive at keeping them in this hibernated state. There is much hard work going on behind the scenes at the University College Hospital, London and in laboratories all over the world so I am sure it won’t be very long now before new treatment methods and indeed a cure is found, for all types of cancer.

Talking of cancer, although I don’t like to dwell too long on the subject, I must say a big THANK YOU to the Cancer Hair Charity in Stevenage Old Town. They are a group of very generous ladies that provide their time, care and expertise to help other women who are or have been through treatment. They helped me cope as I started to lose my hair and have re-styled it as it started to return. I have also been on a couple of their pamper mornings where you can meet up with other ladies experiencing similar problems and enjoy being looked after. This week I came away with some very glam sparkly nails and even a goody bag. They really do make a difference.

Well, the lounge decorating is almost complete so it’s now time to get back down to some serious work and return to a more structured routine. I do wonder how I ever fitted work around my busy lifestyle, although previously my busy life consisted mostly of work (pre January). Not that I am complaining, you all know how much I loved my previous job. Having said all that I may have to allow myself just one more week of respite, my diary is pretty full this week with some exciting events yet to come.

Yesterday I took my lovely grandson, who will be two in a few weeks time, to sing and rhyme at Letchworth Library. It was like stepping back in time as I don’t think a thing has changed since I last visited there with my own toddlers. I even remembered all the old songs, as I sat there among thirty or more babies all rowing boats and flying five little flying saucers around the world.

Today, on the way back from London, I am really excited about catching up with an old friend and colleague. One of the great things about working in the caring profession is that you are surrounded by so many really loving and big hearted people, who are passionate about and share with you the privileged position of being able to help others. Sharon is one of those very special people who touch other people”s lives with her warmth and generosity and on top of all that she gives the best hugs, and I am long over due, a real rather than virtual Sharon hug.

The excitement continues as Wednesday starts with looking at new sofa covers, OK I agree that’s not up there with the top ten of exciting things to do on a Wednesday morning, but it gets better. I am then off to my local spa (the one set in my old home, that once, not that long ago, was a psychiatric hospital) for a relaxing massage and facial before putting on my glad rags for a big night out. It’s awards night, a black tie event held within a big aeroplane hanger at Duxford. The best part of all will be meeting up with a few of my trust and team colleagues. I feel honoured that they have chosen to nominate me for this prestigious award, but I already feel a winner, having had the privilege of being part of such an amazing team.

Thursday is a day off, (of sorts)and on Friday I get to catch up with another old colleague and good friend who is always a pleasure to chat with.

And I have so much in the pipeline at the moment! A publisher has asked me to submit some proposals for my books or work materials. There is an opportunity for me to design some client information booklets for various mental health issues. I have my main book to complete as well as several short children’s stories. I have also discovered iBooks which I can’t tell you how excited I am about. It means that once I can figure it out the BrainBox can become an interactive Ebook that can even contain a demonstration of how it works.

The world is my oyster, there are no more selfish shellfish in my life (a previous delusional thought whilst in the throws of chemo) and I am well and truly back, perhaps a little battered (cod). What is this with the aquatic theme? There are lots more starfish out there just waiting to be saved, so I am ready to once again flex my creative muscles, whist having a whale of a time in less stormy seas.

Miranda Hart gets all her material from my blog, don’t you know ;)


Have a good one.

Deborah xxx

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