Another Good Result at Mayo

At the end of the 53rd 28-day cycle on the pomalidomide study, I’m happy with the results once again.

Cancer markers: IgG is up slightly, from 1100 to 1290 mg/dL, but that’s where it was in November and February, so it’s not scary, and part of the increase may be good IgG responding to the surgery. M-spike came up a bit too, 1.0 to 1.1 g/dL, but that increase was less than the increase in IgG. That’s fine. Lambda and kappa light chains did their usual bounce too, this time down, nicely into the reference range.

Neutrophils: These cells are the first responders of the immune system, always on the alert, and they are up 250% from last month. Since there is no evidence of any infection, Dr LH believes that this increase is my body’s normal response to the hernia surgery 16 days ago. See Too Late to Back Out Now. Actually, I’m tickled to see that my supposedly-compromised immune system is able to respond that well to a perceived threat.

Calcium: Last month calcium was 10.3 mg/dL, slightly over the top of the range, but today it was 9.6, comfortably below. Dr L said that hydration makes a big difference, and I did make an effort to hydrate properly this time. Now I’m a believer. One happy interpretation of the reduction is that last month’s high reading most likely did not come from bone lesions, because those don’t stop sending calcium into the blood.

Rash from Bactrim: I mentioned to Dr LH that Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole) caused a rash on my leg. She asked if I had confirmed that by going off until the rash went away, then going back on again. I have not confirmed it, though the time-correlation was too stark for me to doubt. I may get a chance to confirm it sometime in the future, but I’m not going to take Bactrim as a prophylaxis, only if I know of an infection that it might fix.

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