Another Day of Waiting

So after all my brave plans not to blog about FL’s health, here I am with the latest hospital update.
I have dragged you all this far, I might as well carry on now! If myeloma is not your thing, please come back tomorrow for the knitting. 
P.S.  There’s just a splash of knitting at the foot of this post :)

Red socks on holiday

Today we were expecting the latest Freelite results.  Given all FL’s recent health problems, we were feeling pessimistic, so it was quite a surprise to hear that his myeloma is behaving itself, with the kappa score down to 48 (from 72) and his ratio to 7 (from 9), compared to two months before.
However, his full blood count continues to fall.  If it carries on at this rate, they plan to give him a blood transfusion at his next appointment (10 September).  The reason for the continuing fall is unknown, and the doctors are working their way through the possibilities.  They have tested his bone marrow (result on 10 September), and next week he has a colonoscopy to look forward to.  Today they decided to check his lungs.
He has been complaining about chest pain and can’t lie on his left side in bed.  If he walks more than a few metres, he gets out of breath and feels pain.
So they sent him for a chest x-ray (nothing to be seen) followed by a lung scan (MRI), in case of a blood clot.  He was rather alarmed to be transported by wheelchair for the scan.  They were taking no risks!  He was told that if they found anything sinister, he would have to stay the night.  It was 5pm by the time the results came back upstairs to the doctor – no clots.  Phew!
So we are no further forward, but at least a couple of nasty possibilities have been eliminated.
We weren’t expecting to spend the whole day in Haematology, and I forgot to take my knitting pattern with me, thinking I would only have time to knit the cuffs of my cardigan. Lesson learned!   I will pack my socks next time!
However, at least the newsagent had the latest issue (62) of The Knitter, which I read from cover to cover.  It may just be yarn-deprivation talking, but I am seriously considering making the Summardaar cardigan, which isn’t on Ravelry, but I found described as “cardigan med daisy-monster” here.

Summardaar by Jansy Simonsen