Anneanne to Madisyn

Yesterday morning at 3:12 I became anneanne (Turkish for maternal grandmother, my preferred title) to Madisyn Lillie, She wasn’t due until 9th May, but my daughter developed pre-eclampsia and on Saturday morning they started the induction procedure. Eventually in the early hours of Monday morning she decided enough was enough and a c section was performed.

Madisyn was born weighing a very respectable 7lb 3oz, not bad for a baby nearly 3 weeks premature. I got to visit this afternoon, but I wasn’t allowed to take photos. The atmosphere was chilly at best, my daughter and boyfriend having made it clear that they will not be bringing her to my house anytime soon. Today may have been the only chance I get to hold my granddaughter, I may not see her for months or even years, at least I have my other children to keep me posted and supply secret photos.