Animated myeloma 2015

Last year (you can search my blog for “animated myeloma”…Hint: it’s my November 1 2014 post…), I posted about a series of short animations made by Myeloma UK. An absolutely brilliant idea: myeloma explained with cartoons…short, simple, not scary at all.

And now we have a few more. So far I’ve watched the one about the clonal evolution of myeloma. Very interesting. Anyway, here you’ll find the list of the new animations, including one on amyloidosis:

Well done, Myeloma UK! :-)

P.S. By the way, I haven’t forgotten about cannabidiol and ion channels…I’ve been working on this topic whenever I have some free time and FEEL like doing some research…To be honest, though, sometimes I’d just rather go take a walk through the center of Florence with a good friend (upcoming post)… :-)