Angry Eyebrows, Part II

This is starting to look bad. My child drew another picture of me with angry eyebrows, just in time for parent-teacher conferences.

This is page one of “My Book About Feelings”. WCK writes, “I feel mad when my mom tells me to pick up.” And here I am. This time, in addition to the angry eyebrows, I have a big yelling mouth, and I’m also levitating several feet off the ground in my fancy ball gown. Also, my eyebrows are blue.

I’d think with all of this yelling and eyebrow bending and levitating that WCK feels she must endure at pickup time, our house would be much, much cleaner. It is not. You might also notice the “after” picture, which shows WCK sitting in her perfectly clean room, which I assume she has agreeably cleaned after her fancy, floating mother yelled at her. I assure you that the “after” picture has never actually happened, unless I was too busy floating away to a formal affair to notice.