And what about sewing?

I am between sewing projects right now.

OK… I admit that my mother’s comment threw me for a loop and I felt like a wasteful land-filler. But once I calmed down, I realised that this year I have sewn 14 items (in 6 months) and that I only bought new fabric for 2 of them – the rest was already in the stash.  And I still have lots of loveliness in the stash, just waiting to be used, so… to hell with Burgundy!

In top halves:  I have three short cuts of voile which are begging to be used, but I am hesitating over the pattern choice.  I need to think bigger, and consider using more than one fabric in a single garment.  One metre of narrow voile is… limiting…. especially if you find you are still wearing a wool cardigan in July!  Today we have a monsoon.  Maybe autumn is here already?

In bottoms:  I purchased a pattern for mad seventies trousers, theoretically in exactly the right size.  I am tempted to go completely nuts and make the widest style in bright orange wool crepe…
And you wondered why I was hesitating?!

I also have a strange unnatural yearning for a vegetable-print Chardon skirt.  This would involve the purchase of new fabric…  This is Sow and Grow Veg from the Hoodie Collection:

While thinking about that, I pressed “buy it now” on the pattern for a sewing-kit-organizer thingy:  the Social Tote. 

 Pictures borrowed  from Noodlehead, one of the designers.

Cute, isn’t it? I bet you want one too!  ; )
I had not actually considered whether or not I had any suitable fabric in the stash when I bought the pattern (from Etsy).  But I know I want to make:  one to contain my sewing rubble, one for my face cream / make up / nail polish, and one for my desk at work.  I am also thinking it would make a great gift… would my mother like one?!

But maybe not in the fabric which is calling my name over at the Eclectic Maker:  Riley Blake’s Geekly Chic Collection – hee!
I can feel a bag-making frenzy coming on…