And So it Continues. Dom Can’t Catch a Break.

A few weeks ago, Dom had a full body CT Scan.  His shoulder has been KILLING him.

Multiple Myeloma can cause soft spots in the bone called osteolytic lesions, which appear as holes on an X-ray. These osteolytic lesions are painful and can increase the risk of painful breaks or fractures. Myeloma can also cause nerve damage or pain when a tumor presses up against a nerve.

Sure enough, they found a lesion on his left shoulder blade. 

Our team at the Slidell Cancer Center got the ball rolling quickly.  It all starts tomorrow with an appointment with Handsome Dr. M. who is our Oncologist Radiologist. 

He’ll probably make a mold of Dom’s shoulder blade and get started quickly.

Then Thursday, starting DARZALEX which isn’t Chemotherapy, but rather a TARGETED Therapy that seeks out and destroys Myeloma cells.  We have to be at the Cancer Center for 7am *groaning*, and they expect it will be an 8-hour infusion.


So, rolling right along, gang.  We’re happy to get this crap started!