And so it all begins…again!

Last year at this time I was preparing to head into hospital for my stem cell transplant.  I wasn’t worried but it was a big procedure with lots of side issues.  I’m now in a complete remission and aside from this most recent bout with a chest cold, feeling phenomenal.  I am very lucky.  Two friends I know here in the States are back in the saddle again, one back in treatment and another finishing a second stem cell transplant.  I have two friends in the UK, both in treatment, one getting ready for a transplant and a third that is so crazy from chemo he’s bungee jumping off bridges in Scotland.  As I come upon my one year anniversary I am thankful for my personal status but also thankful that I can continue what I started last year –

Promoting Global Hair Loss!

Some people may not understand my little inside joke but I lost my hair last February, for the second time.  Rather than being ashamed, I was bald and I was proud!  I wore stupid hats, took lots of pictures, had parties all around the world and shaved 21 heads at my event here in New York City.  More importantly, I raised over $60,000.00 to help fight this miserable disease!  For that I thank all of you that supported and contributed to my effort.  For that, I also apologize as I’m coming back to ask for your help once again!

A few months ago I thought about how good a position I was in and what I was going to do on my one year anniversary.  I already shaved my head and couldn’t ask Chris and Craig, Craigles, Harry and all the others around the globe that took down their locks for my cause.   That’s when I called The MMRF with another one of my, wait for it, hair-brained (!) schemes: I’ll run up the Empire State Building!


Three years ago, when I first heard about this race I said these people are crazy.  I still agree, their crazy – it’s just I’m one of them this time.  I’m still Promoting Global Hair Loss with fellow runners representing Europe and Asia:  Hosskuldur (Icelandic, living in Switzerland) and Christian (Aussie, now in the States).  I’ll have another post regarding training but you can follow me on my Nike+ app and via twitter and Facebook.  I’ll have more later but for now, here are the relevant links.  Also, please read my post just prior to this for a little detail as to why I do this.

What can you do?  DONATE – help me kick this cancer’s @ss – for me, and for a number of friends of mine that are going through chemo, transplants or just the day to day mess that is dealing with this disease.  We’ve made great strides and The MMRF has helped us get there.  I’m going to make big strides up the ESB and I’m going to do it with your help!  Thank you in advance!

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