An Update on Dad’s Progress on the VDT PACE

Dad went into MD Anderson on Wednesday. And it’s looking like he’ll be heading back home on around Tuesday.  The good news is that he has been in relatively high spirits.  Apparently we will see the side effects of the chemo in 7-10 days and that’s around when we will know how effective it has been.  For now, he feels okay and still has all of his hair!

According to Mom, his numbers have gone down a tiny bit, but his kidney function is only at 16% (yikes!). We are hoping that the later improves.

Dad also went in with a cough, but they are treating that too.

About the “Hotel”

Mom and Dad really like MD Anderson so far. As my mom says “I really like this ‘hotel’ better.” They have On Demand movies and the staff is attentive.  Dad likes the food a lot better than at the last hospital. Their nurse has only 3 patients!

Mom and Dad have discovered some fun areas as Mom is really encouraging Dad to walk about 30 minutes a day. They say there is a very nice observatory on the 24th floor.

Dad’s Port & Mom’s Classes

Dad has a little port in him for the chemo. He says its right above his elbow. Basically, this makes it easier for the chemo to go in. The real name for it is a portacath (from portal and catheter) but everyone kinda just calls it a port.  It’s a kind of central venous access device and some times the doctor’s refer to it as that as well.

Mom had to go to classes to learn how to keep it clean and change it. She said she’s passed all the classes, and now it’s just time for the test!

Visitors and Such

Mom is going to have a briefing today about the policies for visitors. Right now, she has no idea what is allowed and not allowed. Especially since the effects don’t show up until he gets home.

Also, she asked me to make sure that if you are reading this that you tell other people. We are going to try to always have the most up to date information here so that everyone can feel informed. The link is fine to pass around and there’s a little sign up box on the home page where you can have anything we update about Dad emailed to you.