An unexpected extremely long day at Princess Margaret

We left the house at 8am and got home at 8pm.  We are both exhausted, especially Tony.
Supposed to be a routine day.  Quick.  Disconnect the chemo IV and ciao!  However, around 4am last night Tony began wheezing and had a bad coughing fit, with lots of yellow phlegm.  Not a good sign.  His weakness was getting worse as the day progressed.  He walked himself from the front doors to the clinic registration section.  However, when he had to walk to the chemo room he was staggering and very winded.  He was leaning on the railings and me as he walked.  When we got there we asked the nurse to get a doctor to see him.  Told her about the wheezing and phlegm and excessive tiredness and very winded.  The doctor, without seeing him, ordered an X-ray of his lungs and blood work.  Off to X-ray we went once they disconnected all the IV’s.  However, this time, he asked for a wheelchair. He was so weak.  I had to lift his foot and place it on the foot stand.  He has been a very grateful patient throughout this entire journey.  Always appreciating and thanking, me and the staff both.  So I knew he wasn’t well.  When we got to the X-ray department, we found out that they were closed due to repairs till 4pm.  They called a porter to whisk him off to Toronto General Hospital across the street to get it done there.  We went site seeing in the basement, using the tunnels connecting a few hospitals together.  Very interesting.  It was a long walk.  We missed the doctor, so when we returned she had to be paged again.  We found out that his blood work showed a tremendous drop in his hemoglobin.  Just 8 days ago it was 96.  Today it was 63.  No wonder this poor guy was winded, tired and extremely weak!!!!  Poor Tony.  Creatinine numbers are rising, but not alarming.  Just told to drink more.  It’s chemo effects.
The doctor came to listen to his lungs.  His right side was wheezy.  She switched antibiotic medication and ordered two units of blood for transfusion.  They could only give him one unit today as the chemo lab closes at 7pm.  So we are back at 9am on a Saturday for the second unit.
Oh and I must mention that when we told the nurse about the air pocket in his IV, she said the tube was so tiny that the amount of oxygen was small and would not harm him.  (Better safe than sorry)
It will be an early to bed evening.