An Entire Week (Almost) Has Passed

There were lots of things to do this week. Mainly, unpacking and getting Jacob ready for school. There is, as you can imagine, a lot of things that have been left undone over the summer that I’ve needed to do. I still find time in the mornings to drink coffee on the back porch when it is not so hot. And it has been hot. Especially after 12PM until about 7PM. Then it cools off again.

Even as I’m writing this, Jacob is in his room organizing and sorting. It is not so big a project because he was not here all that much over the summer. Boy Scouts starts back up on Monday, and then the Court of Honor the next Monday.

I have a wig to return, as well as some reimbursements to make. These things have not been forgotten.

My only complaint is I am tired at unexpected times. It may be low hemoglobin or just getting used to moving around a lot more. Whatever the case, I am asking for continued prayer concerning my counts. My red blood needs to be at around 10.

We return for one final check up on Tuesday in Houston. I’m sure I’ll see what my counts are at that time. Meanwhile, I continue to eat…fresh fruits and veggies even…making sure I get lots of iron.