An award and should I go??

My husband has won( earned) a very prestigious award from the company he works for (UNFI).  He is #8 in sales in the country. As a result, he has won a trip to Naples FL in October and I can go too.  BUT,  I hate flying. I’m always concerned about germs due to my myeloma, even though I’m in remission. And I dislike Florida immensely.  Why couldn’t it be Hawaii which it’s suppose to be next year.

Anyway, I sorta want to go, of course , to support him, but I also do not do well in crowds, etc etc.  So the question is should I go. I need to decide in a week so reservations can be made. If I don’t go, of course, I’ll feel guilty but it opens up the possibility of my daughter going. She loves adventure so it could be fun for her to see that area.

Any thoughts????