Amy and Nan in PCB

Oldest and dearest Ohio childhood friend flew into PCB a couple of weeks ago.  The timing was both GOOD and BAD.

Hurricane Gordon mucked up the water, but it eventually cleared up.

Luckily we got out of town just in the nick of time.  Red Tide appeared the day after we left.

Dead fish, everybody coughing and spitting.  We dodged that bullet, happily.

I lost all of my pictures but this one:

We had a blast.  Did our beach daily, then The LIQ across the street for Happy Hour.

September is glorious.  The kids are all in school.  Nothing but playful adults!

We ate out all but 1 night.  Went to Dee’s Hangout, Saltwater Grill, Firefly, and H20 downstairs for Buffalo Wings.