amazing 10 days and more

I just got back from a 10-day cruise and more. Amazing, because I was physically able to do everything as planned. With myeloma, one never knows what can happen pre hols and even during hols, especially going on a cruise with “hundreds” of passengers. Thankfully I remained well throughout even though two friends in our group of 12 were sick.
Even more thankful that I could participate in all the land tours we booked to do, some of them marked “easy” and as well as those “strenuous”. I was not too sure of my ability but these tours sounded too interesting to miss. So, I gave it a go and marvellously, I managed to climbed up all the steps and walked many kilometres. I am so thankful. I am so happy. Of course, I paced myself and paused whenever I needed to.
Through this entire time, I was on medication (pomalyst 2mg 21days and dex 12mg weekly), this regiment seems to suit me fine and is not causing any adverse side effect. Notably I think it does not make me as tired then when I was on Revlimid.

cruising the Baltic sea

Here is a photo of cruising along the Baltic sea, it is really quite a calm inland sea and probably good for a first-time cruiser as there is no rough waves to unsettle the voyage. We visited Copenhagen, Helsinki, Warnemunde (E. Germany), St. Petersburg, Estonia and finally Stockholm.
Copenhagen – I remember Tivoli Gardens with its many amusement rides, mostly for the young; and the famous little mermaid statue by the shore.  St. Petersburg is stately, grand and beautiful with magnificent, impressive castles, cathedrals and palaces. Not to be missed is the Hermitage museum, it houses three million pieces of art, gold pieces and jewelry acquired by seven czars.  But it was crowded with people and with the hot summer heat, I was glad to be carrying a foldable fan. From the Estonian tour guide, we learnt of the painful 51 years of Soviet rule dominating their native language and culture. History comes alive when we visit the land and the people, we felt the emotions.

Alpine mountains

After the cruise, we had some time to spend in Austria and the stay at the Alpine mountains was therapeutically peaceful, very calm and quiet. Away from the busy cities, a sublime retreat can boost ones well-being, breathing in fresh clean air.

We really enjoyed doing the 48km Glossglockner drive, winding up to 2,570m is stunningly beautiful; making stops at various junctures to appreciate different views of the mountains, valleys and waterfalls. It is truly very uplifting to see such beauty up close, not just from pages of books or magazines, it is so different.  

Glossglockner drive

At the end of this trip, my thoughts are of how thankful I am that I can visit so many lovely places and remained in good health throughout. I am thankful to GOD for giving me the strength each and every day to experience these joys. I am thankful to all my friends and families who uplift me in prayers.