Almost time

Can’t believe it’s been a while since we’ve blogged.  Seeing the doctor once a month vs once a week really puts a toll on your imagination and not knowing.
We are days away from seeing Dr. P. at Humber River Hospital.  (Thursday) Can’t wait to hear his results on blood work.  This once a month thing is stressful.  Can’t believe how it plays with my mind.
Tony’s gout is gone!  YAY
I treated him to a nice steak last night for dinner.  YUM
He has been feeling weak and more tired lately.  He drags his feet when walking.  Getting up from a sitting position to standing up is difficult.  His back continues to hurt.  He is back to taking the 12 hour morphine morning and night to help cope with the pain.
For the past 7 days, he’s had a persistant cough.  Don’t want it to get worse.  I felt I needed to take his temperature last night and again this afternoon, as he felt warm to the touch and his eyes looked feverish. Highest temperature was 38.1.  For now, I just monitor…..
He is currently on 7 days off of all chemo meds, so his energy is very low.  I try to make him walk and do more for himself, but when I do, he just falls asleep afterwards.  Out cold!  Fast.  Don’t like seeing him this way.  His muscles are gone.  Small tasks like strength in opening up jars and bottles is impossible.  Even bottled water cannot be opened by him.  I see him dwindling before my eyes.
Hurry up Princess Margaret Hospital appointment. (August 22)
Hurry up stem cell transplant.
I want my old husband back.