Alliteration fan? Left (Humeral) Linear Lucent Lesion

I have a lot of the reports from my recent trip to NIH. My skeletal survey and CT scan of my arm were the most uhm, startling? to see in black and white. I present to you… my skeletal survey and CT scan reports. So thrilling, I’m sure. :) 

DX Bone Series

Patient: ******, ELIZABETH **** MRN: ******

REASON FOR EXAM (Entered by ordering clinician into CRIS): For SMM Only

Findings: AP and lateral skull: Normal. Calvarium no lytic lesion.

Entire spine: Cervical spine AP and lateral: Normal alignment.

Disc and joint spaces intact. No lytic lesion.

Thoracic spine: Normal alignment. No lytic lesion. No compression.

Lumbar spine: Disc and joint spaces intact. No lytic lesion or compression.

Rib series: No fracture. No lytic lesion.

Upper extremity long bones: Small mid humeral lucent lesion near the insertion of the deltoid. Forearms negative.

AP each hand: Normal.

AP pelvis: Hip joints intact. No lytic lesions.

AP lower extremity long bones: No lytic lesions. 

AP and lateral feet: Negative.

Impression: Focal left mid humeral lesion, suspicious for myeloma. Consider additional imaging, PET CT or MRI.

Suspicious for myeloma, huh? Hmmm.

But, 24 hours later…

Just kidding!

Exam: Exam Date: Accession #: Ordered By:

CT Humerus – * CT Humerous w/o Contrast – 73200


Patient: ****, ELIZABETH ******

MRN: ******

REASON FOR EXAM (Entered by ordering clinician into CRIS): Evaluate suspicious lesions from skeletal survey on 2/19 to left humerus

Comparison: Bones series February 19, 2013.

Procedure: High resolution noncontrast axial CT left humerus.

Findings: Small linear lucent canal in the vertex mid left humerus corresponding to the plain radiographic finding. No convincing evidence of endosteal scalloping. This lucency is in region of the deltoid musculo tendinous insertion. No focal lytic lesions are seen in the osseous structures included on the study.

Impression: Lucent left humeral lesion probably related to variant, a vascular groove. No convincing evidence of myeloma.


Huzzah. No convincing evidence of myeloma. Do you like how I bolded all the important heart attack provoking parts of the reports? Heh. Seriously, none of this is major. I’m supposed to have Dr. R compare this recent CT scan of my humerous to the films of the PET/CTs I’ve had in December 2009 and August 2012 and we’ll basically just watch the area to see if it develops into anything. Aside from the minor heart attack this experience caused me, hopefully this left linear lucent lesion will not be a big deal. :)