All sorted and party excitement.

So it’s an appointment with the Hospice on Monday. I shall probably be in there for five days while they experiment on various pain reducing medications. Then it’s starting off the harvesting process with chemo next Saturday.

But enough about that because it’s boring me so I dread to think how you feel, reading about it yet again.

It’s time for more party news! I have just had an email from my lovely nephew in LA who will of course, be making the journey over here for this special event. He has managed to obtain the most amazing of raffle prizes but its all rather top secret at the moment. All I can reveal is that there are quite a few of them that I wouldn’t mind winning myself. Sebastian is a record/music manager and I am extremely proud of his achievements. He has always been rather an extravert and if you ever watched Jim’ll fix it, he was the little kid who went off to the Warner Brother studios in Hollywood and sang with the Blues Brothers. We don’t get to see him that often so I am extra pleased that he has managed his diary, to get over to the UK especially for my party.
All plans for the party are coming together so we just need a lovely summers day and were sorted. The party starts at 7.30 with people arriving and setting out their picnics then I think David Mills, a lovely bloke and a great singer, is on first followed by the CC Smugglers doing there thing at about 10pm as we have started to get pretty merry by then. Later on in the evening David Mills will return for another set of more relaxing tunes. We will light the bonfire later so the late nighters can huddle round it toasting marshmallows. I hope I can stay awake and that I am off all my sleep inducing drugs by then.

On a different note Colin came across this exciting website yesterday so we are dreaming up all kinds of adventures ready for when I am well again.

We fancy stopping off at a variety of the places in France offering food and accommodation in exchange for a little bit of help, or just the chance for our hosts, to improve on their English.

Well the sky looks a little cloudy from my position in the bed in the conservatory this morning.

Somehow my pain feels better today, I think it’s the threat of the Hospice
again, that’s done the trick. Fingers crossed maybe, just maybe I have turned the corner.

Have a great weekend

Love Deborah x