All in all it hasn’t been a bad weekend.

I have been put up in the UCLH, NHS hotel called The Cotton Rooms. For those of you who don’t access Facebook here are the photo’s. Included in my stay is a full English breakfast and or, as in my case, a continental breakfast too! And Colin also gets to enjoy all the facilities.
It really is most luxurious and I remain under the care of the hospital accessing support from Ambulatory care on floor two of the cancer centre.
The weekend has been made all the much better by a visit on Saturday from my lovely mum and sister. Together we enjoyed a lovely lunch followed by some rather nice cakes and tea and a stroll up the road to Primark.
This morning we were visited by best friends Sue and Angela and this afternoon my lovely friend Allison. I was also spoilt by a surprise delivery of some champagne truffles delivered by hand from the lovely retired vicar from our village in Hinxworth. Both Colin and I feel so touched and honoured by such warmth and kindness.

Health wise there have some been some aches and pains but I am keeping them well under control with the help of some strong morphine based medication.

Tomorrow I have an 8.30am appointment in Radiography to set up my radiation treatment for the week. I really do hope we will be able to continue to stay in this amazing accommodation whilst undergoing the radiation therapy I require. Otherwise I will transferred back to the ward or be sent home and have to come up to a London on a daily basis. They are a little worried about me doing this though as the tumour has grown and is pressing on my spine and they don’t want to risk any compression to my spinal cord. I shall just have to wait and see.

I remain very impressed with the treatment I am receiving here at UCLH and feel confident that all the professionals are doing their very best to manage the situation. I do hope however that they get to the bottom of why my cancer markers Don’t show up in my blood results but I still have this tumour that seems to be increasing in size at quite a rate. Apparently I am quite an anomaly, nothing new there then!

Take Care everyone and thank you for your continuous love and support.

Deborah x

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