All I Want For Christmas

I have been stalking Etsy for weeks now, in the hope that Threads Thru Time would have a Turkish spindle update.  And kapow!
Mine all mine – thank you FL, you just bought me something a great deal more manageable than a giant spinning wheel :)
This is their “small” Turkish spindle, which weighs only 0.9 ounces and is therefore capable of spinning fingering weight yarn.  Unlike some other little spindles, it still has a 6 inch shaft, so holds more yarn than the really tiny ones.
And it is a beautiful colour too.
It would have been great if I could have sourced this within the UK, but the only makers I have found produce much heavier spindles.  My first Turkish spindle, from Kerry Spindles in Bridlington is great for spinning a thicker yarn, but my ambitions lie elsewhere.  Imagine if I could spin the yarn to knit a shawl or a pair of socks?!
Bounce bounce bounce…
So that’s what I’m getting for Christmas.

In the spirit of the Yarn Harlot, I would like to  throw some gift inspiration your way, for knitters and non-knitters.  Because we all have bottoms.
I am not being sponsored for these links.

Ethical Pants!
I already knew about Pants to Poverty, and my self-stitched undies are based on the PtP basic pant design.  But I didn’t know they offered a subscription scheme, Pants For Life.  Fresh knickers through the post every month of the year! That is the link for women, but they make man-pants too.  Cool beanz.

Man-Pants from Pants To Povery

In the same vein, but in somewhat slinkier fabrics and styles, I discovered Who Made Your Pants. This is a workers’ co-operative.  Not only do they train refugees to make pants for a fair wage, their fabrics are sourced from big companies at the end of each season.  I am truly impressed by their business model.  They also offer a subscription scheme.  And if you are thinking “£21.50 for a pair of pants, WTF?!” think a little harder.  Your purchase is empowering another woman by giving her a job, an income, a training opportunity and a community.  Just saying.
They don’t offer man-pants at the moment, but hope to do so soon.

Rosalind pants from Who Made Your Pants