All Change

I haven’t written for absolutely ages….and yet tonnes has changed and I probably should have done. I can’t even remember what I last put on here but we are about to embark on a major change of direction so I thought I’d update the blog.

A few months ago, Nick had the opportunity to take redundancy from his pharmaceutical job. It was a decision that made sense to us, and it gave Nick an opportunity to take stock of what he wanted from a lifetime of work (!) and look at what was out there. While he was making these decisions, he started doing some interim work for my brother in law who sells hardtops and accessories for 4×4’s (Autostyling Truckman for anyone who has an interest!). A massive change of direction but at the time it gave Nick the space to look for work with no pressure, and for Mike, I think it gave him someone with a wealth of experience to look at his business.

Little did we know when he started, that he would be offered the new position of Commerical Director with Autostyling Truckman. An offer that, given that the role is based in the Midlands, would require us leaving our home of 13 years in High Wycombe, and moving back to where Nick grew up, and where his family and friends, and my sister and her family live.

This all happened remarkably fast and since then, we have been in a whirlwind of finding new schools for the children, selling our house and finding somewhere to rent for a year while we find a permanent home. In fact, I think we’ve managed to turn the whole thing round in about 6 weeks!!

I’m ever so mixed with my feelings on the whole thing. It is an amazingly exciting opportunity, both for Nick and for us all as a family. New places to explore, new people to meet and new jobs to work hard at. But I am definitely very scared about what I am leaving behind. We have lived in High Wycombe for 13 years now, and our kids were born here (Sam being born in our home of 13 years!). We have an amazing group of friends in the area who not only saw us through those early days of starting a family, but who have also supported us through my diagnosis of myeloma, my transplant and everything that came with it. I can’t begin to name the people who have been amazing, but I hope they all know who they are. I will miss them massively as we move on and just hope that the 90 miles up the M40 won’t put them off visiting us.

It’s not only the Wycome folk though. Many of my family, and my older school friends also live in and around London and so of course the move takes us further away from them….just popping over for the day isn’t really a reality now. The positive is that perhaps we’ll get more quality time with them as we’ll all have to stay when we visit each other…..but sometimes that can be tough to fit in for people with jobs/families/homes. So whilst I have every intention of doing it (they can’t get rid of me that easily!), I am worried it will put others off!

I’m actually say at the Marsden in Surrey as I write this. That is another ‘end of an era’ moment. I came here in 2010, around a year after my initial diagnosis. I wasn’t happy with the consultant I had at Wycombe and we made the decision to travel round the M25 each time to get access to consultants and a hospital which has looked after me amazingly. I have to say, the move is a little easier as my initial consultants Faith and Gareth, both moved to America last year and other than my CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) Sharon, and my trial nurse, Gemma, other staff often come and go. But I have been amazed at how they all do whatever they can to make life easier. No pain is silly. No concerns are ridiculed. Everything is taken seriously. And more than that, they treat me as more than just a patient. I am a person in my own right to them. I happen to have myeloma which they treat, but that isn’t what our conversations are ever about unless they need to be! I will miss the fact that I am known there and that I know what I’m doing. That said, I have been put in touch with Heartlands in Birmingham and will start there next month with a consultant who has been lovely since I contacted him. So new starts can mean other new things which hopefully will be good.

I had worried that I was starting to relapse a month ago, but we no longer think that is the case so that’s great news. Obviously we never know when it might happen….could be a month, could be a year, could be 20 years. Keep hoping for the latter please!

Anyway, it will all kick off when we get home tonight. Packing the things to go in the cars, before the packers arrive tomorrow to pack everything else. And then on Thursday we leave West Wycombe to begin our new adventure. So I just want to use this as an opportunity to thank everyone who has been there for us and to say that we want to keep those friendships going every step we go. Friends and family are always welcome to visit us – you mean so much to me. And we will make sure we visit too. Thank you everyone. Love you so much. xxxx