Alas, Moving Day Arrives!

Exactly one week after her surgery, our daughter was saying goodbye to Georgia and hello to North Carolina!  The truck was rented and packed full, the farewells had been said, and a new home awaited their arrival. (One moving truck, two SUVs, two pick-up trucks and a trailer were all needed to make it happen!)


North Carolina 
Here are a few recorded moments in the days before we drove away. Leah’s surgery and recovery went amazingly well, and Emery was an angel amidst all the busyness!

Marietta Pizza one last time for all the helpers! 

 Packed and ready to go!

My co-pilot Elle. One of two kitties that rode with me.

So very happy to have Leah, Kyle and Emery back in North Carolina. I leave you with one last pic of Ernie and Nick meeting up for dinner while I was away. Love my two boys and sure did miss them while I was away!