Aislinn Striking a Pose

In my post, The Fledgling, I spoke of my Survivorship class and our instructor giving us a homework assignment.  She asked us to consciously pay attention to small moments and she gave the example of enjoying the aroma of fresh ground coffee and focusing on it for at least 10 seconds.  I went on to tell about a fledgling robin who had left the nest in our wisteria vine creating for me one of those moments and how it gave me such a sense of peace.

Two nights ago my nearly 17 year old cat, Aislinn, provided another small moment to savor.  I was talking on the phone with my daughter when I looked down and saw Aislinn striking this pose.  It made me laugh to see her in this cozy position, not asleep, but with her eyes wide open. My daughter and I hung up so I could take the picture with my IPhone and send it to her.  We both enjoyed this small moment and, apparently, so did Aislinn because she stayed that way for quite a long time.  She may be old, but she is still flexible!

Thank you to Dom and Nan for your post about your kitties. I enjoyed reading it and it inspired me to write this post about Aislinn.