Agenda Setting

With a whole week of annual leave due to me and winter approaching, I decided to take a break while the going is good.
On Monday, I am meeting my mother in Edinburgh with no particular plan in mind, other than to do my daughterly duty. I might be able to persuade her to have coffee at the Gallery of Modern Art and see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition… or not.
I am taking the train, so I will have over 6 hours of uninterrupted knitting time to myself – woo hoo!

Tuesday is a Haematology day, so there will be more knitting, but hopefully a couple of hours’ worth of daylight-time at home too.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? Planning days!
I will be doing some serious work on FL’s book, but I also intend to shake up my yarn, fabric and pattern stashes and get to work on some fresh projects.

November is my birthday month and I will be 49. I want to start a “49 before 50” list:  a collection of personal challenges and life improvements to kick-start my second half-century.
I have been testing the water by recording good habits I wish to adopt and bad ones I want to lose.  For four whole weeks I have avoided shop-bought coffee, and written it down every time.  That’s 20 half-pints of milk avoided, and £50 saved already!
High on my list is to try to be more active.  Even if I only manage 49 deliberate acts of exercise in a year, that will be about 40 more than I managed this year…gulp.
So this week I am making my list (and checking it twice).
Oh – and I will be playing with my new miniballs of JC Rennie yarn, pictured above (from Wee County yarns).  Lovely!
The Hitch Ravelry Group knitalong for  the Alicia Hat and Mitts set starts on 1 November – I will be there!
And sewing?

This is Robert Kaufmann “Shetland flannel”, a fairly heavy pure brushed cotton herringbone, from The Eternal Maker.  Super soft and warm and squishy!
Hopefully my Merchant and Mills patterns will arrive soon, to spur me on.  They were last heard of somewhere on a courier’s van after a second attempt at delivery.  But to where?  Certainly not to our house, as FL was in all day!
But today is Sunday, and I have declared it to be a Blanket-Knitting Day.  With every row it grows…