After Transplant #2

Mark has been a little sick with this transplant, but that is to be expected and nothing like the last one. His white blood cells have started to drop so he is going into the neutropenic stage. This means highly susceptible to bacterial infections.
Starting Sunday we will be going into the clinic everyday to start watching for infection and for engraftment to take place.
Engraftment is the point at which the body starts to reproduce the white blood cells and platelets it needs and can once again fight infection.
Once again on the weeekends I have been giving Mark medication at home to save him the trips everyday into the Huntsman. This is the Dexamethasone which is helping him from getting so nauseated. He did not receive this medication with the last transplant because of the air in the belly.
Mark is very weak and tired and sleeps a lot that is to be expected.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.