A&E or Saffron Walden?

Why oh why am I so stupid sometimes? Small detail is important especially when it comes to taking numerous forms of drugs. Taking 20 anti sickness tablets instead of 20 steroids is not conducive to a grand shopping trip!

So here I sit, but it could be worse, my marvellous drug trial researcher had called Addenbrooks Hospital and they were all prepared for my imminent arrival, so everything ran as smoothly as it could.

Sadly though I was threatened with 2 large glasses of charcoal specially prepared to make me throw up, the exact process I have avoided for the last 18 years and the whole reason I take the anti sickness drugs in the first place! I was feeling mighty sorry for myself. In my usual Pollyanerish way, I tried to think of a positive, and all I could come up with, was being able to experience what it must feel like, when someone has taken an overdose as a suicide attempt and being able to be better empathise with them.

Luckily for me they decided to take another course of action instead so I haven’t had to be sick after all. Also any ill effects would be noticeable within 30 minutes and so far so good!

I have had an ECG which was fine, bloods taken which were ok just a bit low on potassium so I am in the process of having that through a drip now.

The worse that can apparently happen is that food will pass through me at a quicker rate which means I could shit myself on my hot date! ( holy NO please god!)

Will I still get to the shops today.? Sadly maybe not.

Note to self. Do not multi task when taking drugs and have a chaperone with you at all times!

Has it really come to that?