Advent Sock Day Two

Dear Cursing Commenters – I love that you felt able to use the words I was thinking but did not wish to commit to the interwebs :)
To all of you, whether restrained or otherwise, a million thank yous for making me smile on a grey day.
Last night FL enjoyed a blissful morphine-induced sleep, our first pain-free night in several months.  Such a relief for both of us!

Back to my Advent Sock

Clue Two made my dis-numerate brain melt in a puddle of despair:

The pattern comes from your birthday, converted to binary number.
Knit the date in two rows; zeros with your main colour and ones with the colour of the day.

110001000111001100 is the binary code for my birth date, and comes in at 18 stitches.
I lopped off the final stitch to make the pattern repeat evenly round my sock

The colour of the day is determined from the binary value of the same date, but zeros converted to ones and ones to zeros. This binary value is then converted to a hexadecimal number, which are often used to describe colours on computers.

Disclaimer:  I used the links provided in the clue to perform the binary / decimal conversions.
I could not bring myself to invert the code to “calculate” the colour, so I simply converted the decimal date to a hexadecimal number.

Result:  a blazing cobalt blue – woo hoo!

After a little finagling, I came up with a two-row, 17 stitch repeat:

I did not have the perfect blue in my scrap bin, but found a variegated yarn which was good enough for a mere two rows.
I am really looking forward to working larger numbers of rows… but I hope the clues do not increase in complexity, as this one made my ears buzz ;)