Advent Sock Day Three

FL was in  a bad way when I got home last night.  He has top-up painkillers to take in between the Big Ones, but he had not tried them.  I told him he must, so he did and he was soon calm again. But he woke at 4am in agony, so had to take another dose then.
This sudden increase in pain has taken us by surprise.  The hospital did not give us enough morphine to cover the weekend, at this level of intake, so I had to get him to the GP this afternoon. His legs are badly swollen, so walking to and from the car was difficult.
I don’t think I can leave him home alone tomorrow.

Today we continue with sock B, i.e. the same one as yesterday. From now on we always knit two stripes before changing the sock. This way the socks become the same length. Continue sock B by knitting three rounds.

Pick two colours from the clothes you are wearing at the moment. Choose right now.
The colour of the day is the blend of these two. 
I decided to rip back and start my socks again.
The stranded colourwork was not making me happy – it was just too fussy.
So now they are just 60 stitches round, and striped in the colours generated by the clues.
Much better!