Advent Sock day 8

The ambulance came for FL at noon.  We had been waiting since 9am.
I followed along in my car, with plenty of knitting.
Just as well I did, because I didn’t get out of there until after 6pm.  FL is spending the night, for a full assessment.  He is going to see a Haematology doctor in the morning, and I plan to be there.  Their initial assessment is that he has a build up of fluid that is restricting his lungs and heart function.  His swollen legs are a sign of this too.
His red cell count has not fallen in the past week, but he is significantly weaker.  He has been asleep more than awake for about 3 days and nights.  He fell asleep mid-sentence when the hospital doctor was trying to talk to him, which was probably the clincher that booked him a bed for the night.

The dog was very glad to see when I got home.  Fortunately there were no puddles on the floor!

Today is the birthday of Finland’s most famous composer, Jean Sibelius, and this gave us the inspiration for today’s stripe. Did you know Sibelius heard music as colors? C major was red, F major green and D major yellow. Listen whether you like CF or D major the best (links are provided on the original blog), choose your color accordingly and knit 8 rounds of sock A.

Well, I was all set to listen to these this morning, when FL asked me what I was doing.
I explained and received an almighty scowl:  “Nope!  You want the Swan of Tuonela“.
Do I?
“Yup. Zzzzzzz.”

Now, the only problem with this suggestion is that it is in the key of A Minor… so I had to find out what colour Sibelius thought that was!  Apparently this has not been documented other than to say that he saw minor chords as somewhere between green and brown.  Kind of pea-and-ham-ish?

This is the most educational sock I have ever knitted!

8 rows didn’t take me very long.

After that I cast on a brand new super wild sparkly sock in treat-myself Opal sock yarn.  I knitted 5 inches of that while we waited.
This picture does not do the colours justice at all – that grey is actually a twinkley aqua blue to green gradient.