Advent Sock day 7

First thing to say – I have caused a misunderstanding by copying in the text of the sock clues – the blogger who is running the knitalong is Finnish, but I am not!

I rang the GP at 10am this morning to ask for another home visit.
FL’s chest is really bad.  The antibiotics are not working at all.  My greatest fear was pneumonia. Last night I kept checking his nose had not turned blue (the “sign” from last time).
It took me until noon to get him breakfasted and pilled.  He fell asleep in his broth twice.
He slept all afternoon and into the evening.
It was 2pm before the GP rang back and said he would be with us by 5pm.
He eventually rang back after 7pm, checking for directions to the farm.
He checked FL’s blood pressure and oxygen levels and listened to his chest.  He noted FL’s swollen ankles.  His verdict was that FL’s heart is struggling due to low haemoglobin and the fluid on his chest.  
So tomorrow morning FL is getting a trip in the ambulance for a blood transfusion and 24 hours of intravenous antibiotics to bring back his bounce.
I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

Let’s continue with sock B by knitting 7 rounds. The colour of the day is determined according to the temperature of the day (see the figure).

I dared not nip out to the car to find out the temperature – the GP might have rung.  So I checked the BBC weather site and it wa
s 8C at the airport and 7C in the market town.
We are in between the two, so that makes today’s 7 rows a yellowish green.
These colour clues are giving me so much fun! :)

Also pictured… my new colouring book.
I pooh-poohed this trend until I tried it.
This particular book has a wonderful narrative thread and illustrations to get lost inside.
Sometimes even knitting is too stressful.