Advent Sock Day 6

Last night was a better one, because I was prepared for it:  pillows, painkillers, water, tissues and a bucket on standby.
FL’s breathing sounds as if he is under water and I think if he tried to lie flat he would drown.  So he slept propped up, with his softest handknit hat on :)
We got through to 5.20am without incident.  Painkillers administered, and slept again through to 8am when we both got up.

Scrambled eggs and grapes for breakfast.
He must be feeling a little better, because he asked me to fetch the newspaper.  
Rhubarb crumble and ice cream for lunch.
Tin of ravioli for dinner.
Lots and lots of sleep.  He quite often starts talking to me and falls asleep mid-sentence.  
I am monitoring work email from home tomorrow.  I need to pursue the GP / hospital / hospice.

Your kind and helpful words are so much appreciated.  I am sorry I have not been able to reply to all of you individually.  It appears that I can “reply” using my phone but not my laptop, and the connection keeps dropping out (the neighbours must be doing their Christmas shopping online!)
Thank you :)

Now we return to sock B. Today we celebrate the Independence day of Finland, our home country. The colour of the day is determined according to a yearly tradition, the Independence day reception at the presidential palace. Watch the live stream of  the “Castle ball” and pick the colour from the first dress you see. Knit six rounds with your color of the day. 

There is no way my rural broadband connection can support “live streaming” so I decided to knit my 6 rows in a suitably Finnish blue with festive silver sparkles.  (Yarn Yard Moondance) Party party!

I also did some spinning today – the background to this sock is my lovely Norwegian wool / bamboo mix from Fondant Fibre.

I am on the second sleeve of my amazing orange cardigan, Angelus Novus – there should be a finished object soon!