Advent Sock Day 5

First thing to say:  so many wonderful, helpful and supportive comments.  Thank you so much. Really.
It looks like we won’t make any progress on a referral to the hospice until the weekend is over.
The wise commenter who advised us to avoid breakthrough pain hit the nail on the head:  we coast along pretty well until I let him sleep too long, only to wake up in agony.  Far better to disturb his sleep to take some pills and keep the morphine level steady.
Despite two different sorts of antibiotic, last night was all about a slow gurgling cough. That caused even more bone pain.  I gave him my pillow and was too tired to fetch myself another from upstairs, so sleep was fitful for both of us.
Up at 3am for top-up painkillers.
It was 2pm before he felt like eating breakfast – a tin of minestrone soup. This blog should be sponsored by Heinz.
Then we had a cosy afternoon together.
At one point he was singing a French opera… well, when I say “singing”….!  Let’s just say he won’t win the X Factor any time soon.

Continue sock A by knitting 5 rounds in the colors of your favorite charity organization.

Oh FFS – first Tesco tried to make me cry by playing Christmas music, and now you want me to knit my sock in MacMillan (cancer support) green?!  
OK I’ve done it.