Advent Sock day 24: a pair!

Today’s sock clue was to be taken from the comments on the host blog: participants were invited to suggest an inspiration for the next colour.
However my internet connection dropped out at the critical moment and would not let me leave a comment, so I couldn’t inspire anyone else.
I decided to just please myself and use some of the yarn I bought for my Christmas Eve cast-on socks for the last 24 rows of my advent pair.
This is Opal Klangwelten in the Popmusik colourway.

darned in my last stray end late in the evening… so actually it looks like I will be having a Christmas Day cast-on this year.  That’s OK!

We met FL’s allocated Social Services Care Manager today.  
He was deeply suspicious of her, which I suppose is fair enough.  He believes we can manage fine on our own and doesn’t understand why I think we need assistance.
My darling FL may be 80 years old, but he refuses to accept that he is an Old Man.  There will be no walking sticks or zimmer frames or “help” if he has anything to do with it.
However, I will be so much happier if he will allow them to supply us with a Community Alert pendant.  For £2 a week I will have the reassurance that if he is home alone and has an emergency of any kind, he can press the button to summon help.  That help would be from the people he nominates:  me, or one of his golf pals who lives in the village, or in the event of a true emergency it would be an ambulance.  I had no idea that this was possible in our remote location.
The other thing I have requested is to have someone come in to help him have a bath or shower once a week.  He resists my attempts to cajol him into the shower and it worries me that he goes for weeks without a proper wash.  A “professional” will have him in and out of the bathroom, washed and dressed again before he even has time to feel the cold (his main objection).  And I honestly believe he will feel better in himself if he is fresh and clean.
Right, I need to go and wake him for his pills and bed.
One more sleep before Santa comes!
Happy Christmas everyone!