Advent sock day 23

Today FL required reassurances that he is still very much part of our family, with The Girl at home and The Boy on his way, arriving late in the evening.
FL can’t hear either of them unless he is concentrating hard and they are deliberately speaking more loudly and slowly than usual.
He has been waking from sleep unsure of where he is or who he is.  Yesterday he thought we lived in Canada.

He told me that he has twice wakened to find his mouth full of dissolving pills.  On one occasion, he was standing up at the table, eyes open, taking a sip of water to wash them down, but still believed himself to be asleep.  I have decided not to give him his evening morphine until he is in the bedroom, about to lie down.  It is by far the safest approach in this situation.

It’s the time for the last stripe of sock B. Today we choose the colour and the pattern (more or less) randomly.
Choose the colour using this spinner (link in original blog). You can change the number of colours below the spinner.

I kept the colours of the original and spun it 23 times:  red!
I knitted my 23 rows in the morning, but had an almighty battle with the afterthought heel.  After I finished it, it was far too pointy and elongated in shape.  I don’t know if that was my knitting or the pattern.  I ripped it out and tried again with the heel from Rachel Coopey’s Dave sock pattern:  perfect!

I also bound off the upper rib too tightly.  I need to rip that out and try again, probably at the same time as finishing off Sock A.

And let’s not mention the weaving in of the ends… guess who got a bit too snip-happy and cut a tiny hole in her sock?!  Grrrr.  My sock had to be darned before I even got to wear it!