Advent Sock day 22

For me it was a day of preparations: listing, shopping, cleaning, organising.
For FL, a day of sleeping.
Last night it took me 40 minutes to wake him to go to bed.  I was getting quite alarmed after half an hour, when even raising his arms above his head and swinging them gently was not enough to wake him.
Today he slept all morning, right through to 3pm.
I picked up The Girl from the station at 6, and he managed to stay awake through dinner, took his pills, and fell asleep again.

Return to sock B. Today our theme is Beatrix Potter, the famous author, illustrator, and natural scientist, who died on 22 December 1943. Do this test and pick the colour of the day from the character you resemble. 

You’re Mrs Tiggy-Winkle the hedgehog! You care a lot about working hard at everything you do but always find time for a good chat and a cup of tea, as friends are very important to you and you love to socialise!

The suggested colour for Mrs Tiggy Winkle is pink, to match her dress.  I had just finished my sparkly socks, so scavenged some of the leftover yarn – the pastel shades remind me a lot of Beatrix Potter.