Advent sock day 21

Today was a day of incoming phone calls.
Our wonderful MacMillan nurse came good on his promises, as I knew he would.
The District Nurse came in the morning to take a blood test and have a chat with FL.  She is going to come to the house in future, to save him the journey to the GP.  She had been primed to ask him about help he / we might need.  A united front is building – FL will find himself washed before he knows what has happened!
While she was here, the GP himself rang, and said he would ring again later.
Then the MacMillan nurse rang to check we were OK and to reassure me that help is out there if I need it, not to struggle on alone.  Oh thank you, thank you! :)
Later in the afternoon, social services rang to make an appointment for Christmas Eve for an assessment of FL’s needs.  The hospital had told them my name was Mrs Rose and they had given the wrong address for the farm.  Really?!  I explained that I am married to my husband, we have the same surname, and we live together at the address on his medical record.  Grrrrrr.  I wonder which Little Madam is responsible for that pile of steaming nonsense?
And in the early evening, the GP rang back for an update on FL’s condition.
People, we are being looked after – what a relief!
FL has been asleep a lot of the day, but that’s OK.  He ate breakfast and dinner today and enjoyed both.
I have been knitting and spinning – woo hoo!
I am delighted to report that I finished my final Christmas knit this evening, just in the nick of time before The Girl arrives tomorrow and The Boy comes on Wednesday.  
A full house!  The dog won’t know what’s hit him.

Continue sock A by knitting 21 rounds inspired by the wallpaper of your phone or computer.

My laptop has a very boring plain blue background.  However, my phone has a photograph of the apple-blossom in our “orchard” from earlier this year.  Did we ever see an apple?  No we did not – shortly afterwards, the tree died back.  I strongly suspect that the farmer sprayed herbicides in the adjacent field.  
Leaf green it is.