Advent sock day 20

I have been gathering a great deal of knowledge, inspiration and support from the experiences so many of you have been sharing in the comments.  I thank you once again.

This all reminds me of when I had my first child:  I was promised so much in the lead up to the birth:  an ambulance to the hospital, a lovely room with ensuite facilities, the use of a birthing pool if I wanted one, a TENS machine… the list went on.  But when it came to New Year’s Day 199x and I was pretty sure my son was on his way, there was no room (at the inn), no ambulance, no pool, no fancy pain relief machine available. Never attempt to give birth on the NHS on a public holiday, ladies!
Now, at the other end of the continuum, again there seem to be unwritten rules about how to access the help that is supposed to be out there.  I am relying on the MacMillan nurse to help us navigate through the maze.  I just hope nothing happens outside of office hours!
Today was a peaceful day on the farm.
FL was up before me, at 6am, and took morphine instead of paracetamol by mistake, but fortunately only an hour before it was due.
He told me that the hospital doctor had informed him that he is no longer allowed to drive a vehicle.  I wish they had told me too, because that is the sort of information he might have chosen not to share with me.  But now I know. 
He didn’t want breakfast or dinner today, but managed to walk with my support as far as the bothy and back  – just a few yards, but that is further than in recent weeks.
He spent the day sleeping and reading. He was able to concentrate on a golfer’s biography.  We’ll get back to his own book soon, I think.  

Continue sock A by knitting 20 rounds with a color you draw inspiration from the date. Wikipedia has listed all birthdays, deaths and important events that have happened December 20th.

Call me uncultured, but I had never heard of most of the famous people in the birthday list and I definitely wasn’t in the mood to celebrate a death. So I plumped for the one that jumped out at me – Happy Birthday to Jenny Agutter! 
I was inspired by her role in The Railway Children, in which she famously waved her red petticoat like a flag to stop the train.  
Red it is :)

Picture copied from Telegraph website, credited to ALAMY