Advent sock day 19

FL is home!
Today I had two further encounters with That Nurse…
 (1) When I arrived at 11.30am she said it was not certain that FL would be going home today and we would “just have to wait and see” despite her being the one who was so keen to shove us out of the door yesterday;
(2) At 2pm, when FL had been waiting half an hour for her to acknowledge that he had pressed his buzzer, she sauntered past and said “Still waiting for your painkillers?  Why didn’t you send your wife to find someone?”
I said “I thought that was what the buzzer was for?  Is that not what you told me the other day?  How is anyone supposed to know what the system is?”
She smirked and carried on walking, giving no indication that she intended to bring FL his drugs.
So when I overheard the doctors discussing FL and the original plan for his release on Monday, I was determined he had to come home immediately, to get out of the way of that unkind self-important little madam.
The nice Haematology doctor and another I did not recognise came to see us. They wanted to be sure we would cope at home.  FL was at that point still waiting for his morphine.  It had been almost an hour.  While the doctors were there, Little Madam appeared with it and hovered at the edge of the curtain.
I said “He needs to come home now so that I can be sure he gets his painkillers when he needs them, and not when it suits other people.” 
Little Madam handed FL the pill with a stony face.
And I really really hope she gets into trouble, but I don’t suppose she will.
It is now 10pm and all is calm.
FL is asleep in his chair.  The dog is asleep in his basket.  I am not quite asleep on the sofa.
We will be fine.

Continue with sock B. Take a look into your wallet and knit 19 rows with the colour of the bill you first see. If you don’t use cash, pick the colour from your bankcard. 

Tricky – I couldn’t possibly knit a third blue stripe.  
Let’s pretend I have a twenty pound note in my purse, OK? ;)