Advent sock day 13

FL was asleep when I arrived but was easily wakened.
He was a much better colour today and was able to hold a conversation and read the newspaper.
If only they had given him that transfusion sooner!

However, he told me that he had been really frightened during the night because he woke up feeling very very cold and could not find the energy to look for more clothes.  As a former mountain climber, he believed he was at risk of hypothermia.  It did not occur to him to press his buzzer to alert a nurse. 
He eventually managed to reach his jumper and jacket and pull them on.
This is really alarming, because it is warm in the hospital – unlike home, where we struggle to get the temperature of the farmhouse up to a comfortable level in the winter.  I would be scared to have him come home like this.
When his lunch arrived, I went out for mine.  A work colleague had offered to take me to her house for lunch to escape the ward for an hour.
So very kind!  It was lovely to have a “normal” conversation and make faces at her baby :)
New knitting project required…

FL was asleep when I got back.  He had trailed his dangling blood-line through his macaroni cheese – yuck!
One of his golf pals turned up, and unlike the other day FL was up for some banter – brilliant!  The pal didn’t stay long, but brought some cheer to the whole ward.  There is one old man in particular who always seems so lonely and visibly perked up in response to “boy talk” from FL’s visitor.
All too soon it was time for me to head home to the dog.  
Back again tomorrow.

Continue sock A by knitting 12 rounds in the color of the mug/glass from which you first drank today.

I cheated – the purple sparkly yarn is inspired by my coffee pot :)