Advent fun.

Did I tell you my daughter split up with her boyfriend in July and that as a consequence she and my granddaughter were living with us for a couple of months? No obviously I didn’t as I wasn’t blogging. 😆

They have since moved out, but the house is still full of their stuff, we collect the little darling on a Wednesday from school (she only started in September) and have her until her mom has finished work. We then take her to school and collect her on Thursday and Friday. We fit dialysis and hospital appointments around the new timetable of life.

As we have some of M.’s toys around I thought it might be fun to Instagram what they have been up to while she is away (her mom shows her the photos on her phone). I know the rest of the world have elves, but I have never liked conforming to the norm!

I thought I would share with you all the first three days.  

Somebody’s tiger wants to eat the chocolate!

Sheena wanted to help sort the decorations.

The Tiger twins don’t seem to understand the idea of an Advent calendar.