Advantages of a Social Worker

Last week at my lab appointment I was excited to see that my hospital or myeloma department,
is offering massage therapy sessions. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!
I use to get massages every month twice a month, but with myeloma ….. it’s very important to be careful in this gentle form of relaxation…. if you will.
Having someone pound on your spine may not be the most comfortable for a myeloma patient; it may actually do more harm than good.

How would you know this? I guess for me it’s common sense, but what about so many of myeloma patients who just don’t know what they should and should no longer take part in?
-Should we take part in Diving? Skateboarding? Rollerskating? Remember for me I’m still on the young side and there’s certain things I like to do… like rollerskating…. but can you imagine a hard slam if that right foot misses it’s bearing? ^$%#*$ Ouch!

Even almost 6 years in this mess, there are some details I would like clarity in other than the Internet.
In the case of the program I spoke of, when I called the wellness coordinator who was very kind,  advised this is a program that is mainly for those who are currently seeking treatment, and this form of relaxation, while getting infusions is offered for these patients- so I’m out of the running for this, well at least with the hospital footing the bill.
Rather ending the conversation there, I asked more about the wellness program, and a social worker.
What I’ve found as I mentioned in my book, the doctors don’t necessarily give you the 411 on what and who to contact for other pertinent must know services. I find this so bizarre, like would a nutritionist be recommended right off the back? Nope
Wouldn’t a support group be suggested right after diagnosis? Nope
Should you still go to your general practitioner? Nope
If you don’t pound and question and at times be a bugaboo about these queries you’ll stay at the clueless stage. Push and pull for the social worker. I was surprised that the myeloma social worker contacted the next day to discuss further details that I inquired through the Wellness Coordinator, that showed me someone was really listening to me on the other end of the phone- that said a lot and means a  bunch as I try and continue on my healthy train of myeloma stability.

Well my last vacation to Jamaica I did get that massage- but with great scrutiny of the type of massage services, and warning the masseuse I’ll be needing that light touch- thank you.

It’s tough but we can still take part in an active life…… with care.
Cheers from Samantha and I