Acupuncture Update

Yesterday was my fourth session of acupuncture, specifically intended to address the peripheral neuropathy and my sleep issues.  To remind everyone, my acupuncturist is also my doctor (generalist) so this is a very medical view of things and not just a holistic view.

This week she approached things a bit different than last.  If you remember, last week the pain in my feet, when she put in the needles, was much greater than before.  So this week she still had needles in my feet but not in the webbing between the toes like last time.  If I can remember, per foot, it was either side of ankle, two on top of foot, one top of ankle, one in wrist (inside) and another in the forearm (inside), three in the belly, in a line, below the belly button and lastly, one on the top of the head.  That did hurt going in but I was told to pretend all the bad energy was going out that point.

When she put the third, the lowest needle, in my belly, I felt it in my inside ankle, left foot.  The electrodes were placed between ankle and belly and the “tapping” feeling was felt in the belly this time, not the foot.  During my 20 minutes the tapping ranged drastically from severe (seeming to make my stomach actually shake) to non existent – completely gone.  The needle in the left forearm was directly on the nerve as any movement of my fingers would send a sharp twinge up the nerve.  The needle in my head didnt have much pain after it was placed.

When finished, my right leg went numb (last week it was the left leg that went numb) and I could definitely feel a difference in my feet.  Again, not necessarily better but a difference, and it felt like it was going in the right direction.  Today things feel different.  I want to say a little better but can’t really say that for sure yet.  I need to get back home now that I’ve picked up my scrip!

More later!