About to begin Consolidation

Doctor app went well this week. We are ready to begin consolidation phase on the 7th.
Consolidation will consist of lower dosage of chemo+thalidomide+Valcade+Dex.
7c had no more room as they are doing bunch on transplants this week. That means we go to MIC. Something I am not too happy about. First of all, we been going to 7c since day one. The APN and Nurses are absolutely the best. We know them and they treat us like family. Second of all, the wait at 7C is around 15 mins. I hear that the wait time at MIC is around 2 hours. That will not do! Anyhow, we will see how this goes. We asked for the first appointment at 7am – let’s see what time they actually take us.

Regardless our spirit is really good. We are coming towards the end of TT4. After this consolidation, I have one more in early August. I am excited to get all of this done and behind me. Well sort of – there is 3 years maintenance after…. But at least I can do that at home.

On another note, Sam is visiting us. He got an authentic Arkansas haircut at a local favorite barber shop. Today we go to Clinton Library.

Will report next week how things are going. I am hoping for a smooth ride through consolidation.